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I would like to say that no past experience in my forty odd years of car buying, had prepared me for the all round excellent treatment, my wife and I experienced during our short but fruitful search for the ideal car at the right price. The first man we talked to at Heninger’s was Julio Munoz...”pre-owned car consultant extraordinaire”, who provided 2 or 3 choices, very comparative to our exhaustive list of needs and wants and in very short order. He then assisted us in narrowing both our choices and our price points to a comfortable level.
Suffice it to say that Julio, along with finance man Lee Serban and others (such as Nick, James, and Chantal), on “Heninger Toyota’s pre-owned sales specialty side”, who were able and willing to assist us when “El Hefe” (aka JM) was not available, made this purchase of a beautiful 2013 Camry a care free, seamless and affordable experience.
Hats off to Adam Crosby and Dave Verboom, to whom I also had a chance to talk, are the Managers and Leaders of this merry band of customer pleasing automotive product vendors.
Kim and Monica Catalano - April 8 2014