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Hello, I just wanted to write a quick note to give your Service Advisor Adrian some recognition (a “shout out” as it’s now known) for the helpful service he has been providing me especially with regards to the leaf spring issue I have experienced with my 2006 Tacoma. A spring failed late last summer and was replaced, after waiting a while for a part. Eventually Toyota announced a recall program related to the springs. I have communicated quite a bit over the months with Toyota Canada but have only received generic responses advising the program is in the assessment phase and no ETA is known. Both shortly after the recall was announced, and most importantly just this week after some scheduled maintenance was performed to my truck, Adrian offered additional insight into the issue, which does help a customer like me feel comfortable that although it is taking a while, things are being worked. He does not have any special knowledge about my situation or the program but offered some practical background info to help me keep at ease and stay patient for the program to progress. A much better approach than the “safe” bland blanket answers I am getting from the corporation. It’s appreciated and though I said thanks to him on the phone, let his management know his approach is appreciated.
Mark Dumont - April 9 2015