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My name is Rudy Chen. My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you sincerely to you and your teammates Peter Chen and David Deng who helped us in purchasing a 2013 Toyota Venza with awesome professional finance assistance and technical consulting. We do really appreciate their services and are very happy with the car.
We were really impressed by Peter’s knowledge, technical skills and services when we bought a Toyota Camry from Heninger Toyota in 2002. We have driven this car for more than 11 years and were very happy with it. When it comes to the time for another new vehicle, we contacted Peter to make an appointment to discuss it directly. This time, Peter introduced us David Deng to help us for the new vehicle purchasing. Both Peter and David were so nice, professional and helpful, it drove us to make a decision on a Pre-owned 2013 Venza right after we did test drive it. We appreciated David’s courtesy to pick us up when we worried about the road condition to dealership on the date of delivery.
It is our pleasure to say thank you for the help and good services from your dealership in the pass, and we do like to refer Heninger Toyota to our friends in the future.
Rudy Che - Dec 23 2013